5 Autism-Friendly Apps You Need To Check Out

For parents of children on the ASD spectrum actively dealing with sensory overload issues, meltdowns, or learning difficulties, help comes in the form of technology quite often. Whether it’s a long wait at the doctor’s office or a meltdown at a social event, technology in the form of mobile applications often comes to parents’ aid. … Continue reading 5 Autism-Friendly Apps You Need To Check Out

Our LANDing Crew

  The channel is run by Stephanie, a mother to six beautiful kids, three of whom are on the spectrum. Her videos include insightful content on topics like detecting the early signs of autism in toddlers, autism and puberty, vacation tips and much more! The channel takes you through relatable daily life experiences associated with … Continue reading Our LANDing Crew

Rocking The Spectrum

Our favorite thing about Rocking The Spectrum is the honest, but extremely informative content. Hugo and Jasmine have a non-verbal autistic son, Christian, who features in their vlogs. They have recently started a podcast on spreading awareness and acceptance about autism. Jasmine is also a Registered Behavior Technician. Her spirit and positivity manage to shine … Continue reading Rocking The Spectrum