A for Autism (Vlog Review)

“I let him explore things and embrace the mess. People look at us but I only look at him!”

Meet Viraj’s supermom, Ina, who runs the YouTube channel “A for Autism.” Her main goal is to inspire and educate parents going through a similar situation through her own journey and experiences.

Her videos strike the perfect balance between spreading autism awareness to the general public and educating new autism parents about the intricacies of the condition.

Not only does Ina make helpful videos regarding various therapies used for autism but she also talks about practical tips and tricks she uses in her parenting that make a world of difference for her son.

Using simple and clear language in her videos, she manages to shine light and educate her viewers on the various facets of autism. On top of that, her vlogs that document random days in Viraj’s life are heartwarming and will surely bring a smile to your face!

‘A for Autism’ is a definite must-watch from the iSmartmoms team!


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