Free Printables & Books for ASD Children

With Christmas holidays fast approaching and children having a bit more free time on their hands, parents are faced with the added task of looking for ways to keep them occupied.

A good way to keep your children occupied is by giving them fun worksheets and activity sheets to do. These worksheets can provide your child with the perfect mix of entertainment and learning!

The iSmartmoms team has curated a list of worksheets (with a few printable books added in the mix) from all over the internet.

We hope these resources help your child on their journey of learning and fun! will provide you with tons of reading resources that cater to children of various age groups.

Not only can you access reading comprehension worksheets here, but they also provide an online reading program for your children that will cultivate their love for reading.

Another unique aspect of is that they have fun holiday-themed worksheets that are sure to get the attention of your child!

Access the worksheets here –


Your Therapy Source 

One stop for all your needs, Your Therapy Source will provide you with worksheets, activity ideas, occupational and physical therapy printables, and lots more!

From worksheets and activity ideas for improving fine and gross motor skills to handwriting, sensory processing activities, and visual perceptual worksheets, Your Therapy Source has an abundance of material that will cater to most of your child’s needs.

With every category carrying 50+ worksheets, you get the chance to select from tons of worksheets and activities. What’s more is that all these printables and activity ideas are completely free!

Access the worksheets here –


Love to Know

If you wish to provide your child with tons of books with a single click, look no further!

Love to Know has a wide range of printable e-books that you can access freely.

You will find an extensive collection of books ranging from genres like fantasy and comic books to activity and historical fiction books. With loads of books to choose from, Love to Know gives your child an opportunity to read to their heart’s content!

Access the books here –’s_Books


Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is the perfect place to go to if you wish to access educational material spread across various topics.

You will find lots of free material on this site catering to most of your child’s needs.

Some freely available printables include worksheets on food sorting, reading and sequencing, social skills, conversations skills, and much more!

Access the worksheets here –

Perfect for children with limited writing skills, provides worksheets for children that focus on word-to-picture matching.

These worksheets are useful for improving your child’s vocabulary and visual discrimination skills.

You can access tons of worksheets based on various topics like animals, fruits, birthday words, clothing words, flowers, and lots more.

Access the worksheets here –


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