Coming Home to Autism

Tara Leniston is an award-winning vlogger and has co-authored a book that sheds light on what an autism diagnosis means for an everyday family and advice on ways to support an autistic child’s development. She is a mom to three adorable children, the oldest of whom is diagnosed with autism. The goal of her channel is to inspire other parents of children going through a similar situation.

Through her videos, Tara talks about a variety of relatable aspects of every parent’s life with children on the spectrum. One of her most popular videos titled – “How I Found Out my Son has Autism” gives an honest and emotional account of her son’s autism diagnosis and how the family dealt with it. She has detailed videos about tips to handle meltdowns, improving sleep and advice on helping your child with their speech.

Tara covers a diverse range of relatable topics like schooling, going to dentist appointments, potty training, traveling, and much more through her amazing videos.

Her genuine and unfiltered style of putting forth her experiences and opinions make her videos not only interesting but also very informative to watch.  Moreover, the comment sections of her videos are filled with positivity and have been successful in creating an uplifting community of supportive parents and caregivers of children with autism.

Tara’s channel is an absolute must-watch from the ismartmoms team!

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