Your child could be a great social psychologist

A Yale study from September 2019 asserts that people with autistic traits make good or even slightly better social psychologists as compared to individuals who do not have traits of autism. Social psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with social interactions, along with their origins and effects on the individual. Social psychologists study … Continue reading Your child could be a great social psychologist

Vincent Van Gogh

Books have been written about Vincent Van Gogh’s obsessive focus on his art, his fervent desire for social interactions and alienation from those he loved. When these traits are analysed today, experts lean towards a diagnosis of ASD. In fact, professionals specialising in autism feel that these very characteristics contributed to Van Gogh’s brilliance in painting. So … Continue reading Vincent Van Gogh

Susan Boyle: From obscurity to superstardom with Asperger’s along the way

In 2009, a 47 year old woman from a Scottish village appeared on the immensely popular TV show, Britain’s got talent. When she announced that she wanted to become a professional singer and that the show was going to be her opportunity to become one, the reaction around the hall was anything but positive. The … Continue reading Susan Boyle: From obscurity to superstardom with Asperger’s along the way

Benjamin’s story

Watch a short film that depicts Benjamin Rosloff, a young film maker, as he visits the United Nations Headquarters in New York City and interviews the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon. What makes this video special and inspiring is the fact that Benjamin is autistic.  This video depicts young film-maker Benjamin Rosloff’s visit to the United … Continue reading Benjamin’s story

Albert Einstein

According to independent studies, people with Asperger’s traits are drawn to subjects like the sciences, engineering and Math. Albert EinsteinE=mc2  is regarded the world’s most famous equation. Its creator, Albert Einstein is one of the world’s best known scientists, known for his theory of relativity, and for building what is considered a pillar of modern … Continue reading Albert Einstein