Susan Boyle: From obscurity to superstardom with Asperger’s along the way

In 2009, a 47 year old woman from a Scottish village appeared on the immensely popular TV show, Britain’s got talent. When she announced that she wanted to become a professional singer and that the show was going to be her opportunity to become one, the reaction around the hall was anything but positive. The judges were rolling their eyes and the huge audience was laughing openly.  
Susan Boyle opened her mouth to sing, and the rest is history. 10 million viewers watched her as she took her first step to stardom at the show. 
In 2013, Boyle revealed that she had been diagnosed with Asperger’s. She was reported to have felt relieved and relaxed to know what was wrong with her. As a child, young Susan Boyle had been bullied and laughed at, and had been diagnosed with brain damage (remember that this happened half a century ago, when even doctors probably didn’t know as much about Asperger’s syndrome as they do now). 
Asperger’s syndrome didn’t stop Susan Boyle’s meteoric rise to stardom. She has been interviewed by almost every major TV channel and released albums, many of which have set world records for sales. Her net worth was around $22 million in April 2012 (as reported in Wikipedia)  and the singing sensation continues unabated. 
To watch Susan Boyle’s first appearance on Britain’s got talent, click here (link:

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