Your child could be a great social psychologist

A Yale study from September 2019 asserts that people with autistic traits make good or even slightly better social psychologists as compared to individuals who do not have traits of autism.

Social psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with social interactions, along with their origins and effects on the individual. Social psychologists study and analyze the factors and conditions under which certain behavior, actions, and feelings occur, and how these influence future interactions with others. In a study done among 6595 respondents from 104 countries, researchers found that the ability to make general predictions about how others think, feel and behave is positively related to ASD traits.

People on the spectrum may be able to view situations more analytically, without needing to assess individuals’ emotional or mental states. Since social psychology requires generalized predictions about behavior rather than individual interactions, this study could open new doors in career choices for adults on the spectrum!

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