5 New Year’s resolutions for moms with ASD kids

The start of a new year is often highlighted by promises and resolutions we set in hopes of accomplishing a goal or breaking a habit. Setting yourself a resolution is a great way to help you reflect on what’s important to you, clear your mind, and focus your energy on things important to you.

Here are a few resolutions that you can ace! –

  • Take out time for yourself

Looking after a special needs kid tends to take up a lot of time and energy, however, taking out time for yourself is essential. Prioritizing the time you take out for yourself could do wonders for your mental health, which in turn would help in nurturing your child’s mental health. This me-time could be something as simple as watching a movie, reading a book in peace, or pursuing a hobby you’re passionate about! Schedule it on the calendar just like you would your child’s doctor’s appointments or play dates if you have to.

  • Set up play dates

Parent-guided play dates have proved to provide the structure and practice needed to help children improve peer social skills and make friends. Not only does the child learn to interact with her/his peers, but playdates also aid in helping the child learn basic play skills. iSmartmoms helps you connect and share your experiences with other moms.

  • Learn a new skill

Learning something new not only broadens our horizons and helps us grown individuals but also boosts our self-confidence. Online courses offered by various universities and institutions are easily accessible with flexible time schedules making it possible for the learner to learn at their own pace. For example, courses in language open avenues for part-time jobs like proofreading or freelance writing.

  • Find a support group

Connecting with people going through the same things as you can prove to be therapeutic in many ways. Having people in your life who “get it” is important. Support groups are great for sharing personal experiences, information, and tips. Various support groups are also available online.

  • Look forward to the smallest things

Looking forward to even the smallest things in your life can help improve your outlook on life, help you appreciate the things you have and keep you from getting stressed out. The smallest of things like a random gesture of kindness from a stranger or listening to your child’s carefree laughter can bring so much happiness.  Some of the happiest moments in our lives emerge from seemingly smallest things! This year lets focus on celebrating the smallest of achievements and cherishing every seemingly insignificant moment!

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