TED Talks on ASD That You Must Check Out (Part 2)

We are back with a few more insightful Ted talks on autism! Just like the first part of this series, we will dive into some of the most fascinating talks on ASD that will help us gain a greater insight into the world of autism.

Here’s our first recommendation –


To understand autism, don’t look away by Carina Morillo

Carina Morillo’s world turned upside down when she learned about her son Ivan’s autism diagnosis. Morillo gives us a peek into the life of a parent of a non-verbal child with autism and describes her journey of learning to connect with her son whilst navigating life.

She talks about how she was able to teach her son about life through pictures and how pictures became a way of communication for him.

While addressing the importance of kindness and empathy, Morillo gives an account of a grocery shop owner who isn’t an autism expert but was able to make a difference in Ivan’s life nonetheless.

She ends her talk with a powerful message of looking each other in the eye because that is the only way we can open a whole world to someone else.

This talk is a definite must watch from the iSmartmoms team!


Here is another marvelous recommendation –


A word game to communicate in any language by Ajit Narayanan

Ajit Narayanan is the inventor of Avaz, an app that aids in communication for speech-impaired individuals.

He talks about his groundbreaking invention that helps non-verbal people communicate through pictures; a translator that converts pictures to speech. Narayanan takes us through the journey of the creation of Avaz and how it inspired him to come up with FreeSpeech, an app that not only helps children with autism learn words but also familiarizes them with word patterns.

Through his enlightening talk, Narayanan highlights the beauty and power of language; calling it the most beautiful of human creations.

We urge everyone to check out this incredible talk!


Next up on our list is this enlightening talk by Ami Klin –


A new way to diagnose autism by Ami Klin

Ami Klin is an award-winning researcher who has done extensive work on finding new avenues for the early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders.

In this talk, he delves into the importance of an early diagnosis for autism spectrum disorders. As an inventor of a revolutionary technology that is useful for detecting early signs of autism in babies through eye-tracking, Klin emphasizes the life-changing effects an early diagnosis can have on a child’s future.

Through his talk, he also calls for the need for science to be inclusive and far-reaching. “No science is of relevance if it doesn’t have an impact on the community,” he says.

All in all, Klin brilliantly manages to illuminate his listeners with pivotal information about advancements in the realm of diagnosis for autism spectrum disorders and the need for these advancements to reach every corner of the globe.


Our next recommendation is this inspirational talk by Paravicini and Ockelford –


In the key of genius by Derek Paravicini and Adam Ockelford

For Derek, ‘all the world is a piano.’ Born three and a half months premature with severe autism and blindness, Derek has fought against all odds since the very beginning. He is a talented concert pianist and has been doing concerts since the age of 10.

Adam Ockelford has been Derek’s music teacher and supporter since he was about four and a half years old. He describes Derek’s journey of discovering and falling in love with music from a young age through this talk.

This talk is not only incredibly inspiring but also serves as a prime example of how a special interest can bloom when given an opportunity to shine and grow.

The bond that Paravicini and Ockelford share is truly touching to experience. With the addition of getting to experience Derek’s remarkable talent first-hand, this Ted talk is a treat to watch!



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